Stand out in Foot Care: Offer Premium Foot Orthotics for Lasting Pain Relief

Whether your patients are suffering from improper gait, foot misalignement, supination or metatarsalgia – our state-of-the-art foot orthotics provide immediate relief and significantly improve their mobility.
To achieve that, we use the biomechanical and sensorimotor approach.
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The active principle is supported by studies

Premium Products

Intelligent materials processed in high quality

Significant Improvements

Majority of results show patient improvement

Unique and great Performance

Feel it from the first step

4 Reasons for active orthotics

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Impulse your life.

The active way of foot orthotic treatment

The retrocapital impulse

ensures that the balls of the feet receive relief.

The medial impulse

activates the tibialis muscles.

The toe bar

generates tactile impulses which stimulate proprioceptors of the toes.

The lateral impulse

activates the peroneus muscles.

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