What is meant by "sensorimotor function"?

Interaction between nervous system,
skin, tendon & muscles


Orthopaedic complaints of the knee, hip, Achilles tendon or back are often pre-programmed as early as childhood due to foot misalignment.

As our body does not consist of isolated individual parts, but is connected to each other in a chain-like manner via the joints, a foot misalignment almost always has an effect on the overlying joints and muscles.
Our foot orthotics can help to better balance the muscle chains and relieve the joints.

Every type of movement takes place through the tension and relaxation of the musculature.
In order for humans to maintain their body balance during all movements, the body permanently checks and influences the state of muscle tension via special sensors called proprioceptors.

Via the principle of message and feedback, sensory stimuli trigger a motor response through the proprioceptors - muscle tension or relaxation - in order to enable an optimally coordinated and balanced movement sequence and to avoid pain. We make use of this active principle in proprioceptive insoles.

Working principle

A particularly large number of receptors are located on the palms of the hands and under the soles of the feet. They pick up sensitive stimuli and report this information to the control center of the autonomic nervous system.

The nervous system processes the targeted tendon stimuli and reacts by adjusting the muscle tone. This allows muscles to be activated or relaxed in a predictable manner. In contrast to passively supporting insoles, subconscious foot muscle training takes place in the shoe, which ensures long-lasting corrective effects.

Based on science

It has been scientifically proven that wearing the foot orthotic leads to a significant increase in muscle activity. For example, the ankle joint is better protected from injury.
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