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For the health of our feet.

Impulse Line

Thanks to active modulation, the IMPULSE LINE helps your business, when the feet and ankles require muscular stabilization.  To treat foot misalignement and functional movement deficits actively they offer the patient additional functionality and allow you to invoice at
a higher margin.
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Anatomy Line

Foot orthotics, enabling the option to easily and effectively make indication-related additions – both biomechanical and impulse-enhancing.
The new product line stands out with its anatomical last shape and guarantees added wearing comfort.
The laser-etched template on the bottom saves you workshop time while allowing you to make all prescription-relevant additions.
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Carbon Line

Our Carbon LINE offers both: medical added value and an ultra-thin fit. In sports, every gram of weight counts. The foot orthotics are built extra light as a feather.
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The Benefits Are Clear

Different foot orthotic approaches, always highest quality!

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More stability
Less pain
More comfort
Less instabilities
More life quality

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