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Principles of the sensorimotor system and active foot orthotics

June 14th 2024, 9 - 10:30 am GMT-5 / 10 - 11:30 am GMT-4 (New York)
Scientific credits: 2.25


Sensorimotor system

Proprioceptors, musculoskeletal structures and their function with emphasis on the
foot and leg muscles

Principle of action

You will gain an understanding of the general principle of action and construction of active foot orthotics


Get in insight into the research behind

Case studies

Receive demonstrations of case studies

Acquire competencies

Knowledge is power.

Your speaker


• PhD Student in the field of the effect of foot orthotics on the human body and different kind of treatment
• Master of sports science with specialization in sports therapy
• Ten years of field experience in foot orthotics and movement analysis
• Certified Sensorimotor therapist

Review Webinar 1

Our first US webinar was held on February 16.

30 participants took part as we explored the basics of the human sensorimotor system and the possibility of influencing the muscles using active insoles.

Great start with excellent interaction from the participants!

Review Webinar 2

Our second webinar in May was all about different case studies and functional-caused pathologies of the lower extremities.

35 participants took part as we explored the achilles tendon inflammation, shin splints, anterior knee pain and tractus iliotibial syndrom. Thanks to everyone for a great webinar!

We guarantee success.

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