Scientific background

The concept of sensorimotor foot orthotics is scientifically proven

Study results

Two exemplary studies that proved the effectiveness of 
the foot orthotics on important muscles

Ludwig et al. (2013)

In 2013, for the first time, it was possible to demonstrate with high evidence level that the sensorimotor concept has a significant influence on the activity of certain muscles.

Measurements were taken on the superficially well draining peroneus longus muscle, which shows a significant increase in its amplitude in the mid-stance phase. The values are statistically significant and the study is of high quality: double-blinded and randomized.
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Schmitt et al. (2022)

Sensorimotor orthotics activate the peroneus longus muscle and promote activity of the long fibula muscle in combat boots worn by soldiers.
The randomized, controlled study by Schmitt et al. (2022) compared the benefits of supportive and sensorimotor foot orthoses in terms of muscular activity changes in 73 soldiers with pes planovalgus and combat boots.
The results showed a significant difference between the effects of the different types of foot orthotics on the muscles.
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