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Elevate your practice with high-quality, customized orthotics your customers can't find anywhere else.

Foot orthotics form Springer

Whether your patients are suffering from improper gait, foot misalignement, supination or metatarsalgia – our state-of-the-art foot orthotics provide immediate relief and significantly improve their mobility.
To achieve that, we use the biomechanical and sensorimotor approach.
Enhanced treatment outcomes through personalized care
Opportunity for professional growth by expanding service offerings.
Strengthened reputation as a specialist in custom orthotic solutions.
Ability to attract a broader client base seeking personalized care.
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Our customers

Whether you are an orthotist, physiotherapist, orthopaedic technician, pedortist, foot orthotic company owner or manufacturer, we can help you grow your business.

Orthotist or physiotherapist

1. Integrates seamlessly with holistic treatment plans, improving patient outcomes.
2. Enhances patient satisfaction with custom-fit solutions.
3. Facilitates a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, collaborating with orthopedic technicians and pedorthists.
4. Offers a competitive edge in rehabilitation services with advanced, custom orthotic technology

Shoe technician or Pedorthist

1. Differentiation in the market with high-quality, custom solutions.
2. Ability to provide unique value to patients, enhancing customer loyalty.
3. Higher profit margins from premium, specialized products.
4. Increased referral business from satisfied customers and healthcare professionals.


1. Expansion into niche markets with high-demand, custom products.
2. Strengthened partnerships with healthcare providers seeking quality solutions.
3. Leading innovation in orthotic design and materials, setting industry standards.
4. Diversification of product line, reducing reliance on a single market segment.

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