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Springer Aktiv AG - German market leader in active foot orthotics

Who we are

Germany's market leader
Hermann Springer founded a production facility for medical foot orthotics in Berlin in 1902. Since then, we are thriving for the health of our feet. Five generations later SPRINGER is Germany's oldest foot orthotic manufacturer and the only one which products use the active therapeutic principle of sensorimotor functions.
Strong educator
The name SPRINGER stands for advanced medical foot orthotic concepts. Our products combine the newest scientific knowledge, innovative design and intelligent technology with our own fascination for perfect manufacturing work.

Our US-team

Frank Hepper
Springer Aktiv AG
Katinka Trabandt
Customer service
Springer Aktiv AG
Steven Simon
Academy trainer
Springer Aktiv AG
Paul Bange
Senior Director
Zentrum Berlin

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We always try to be pioneers with our technologies.
Strong as a team - here at the OT World in Leipzig.
Digital manufactury convention 2023 - Springer, Berlin


Our strong, qualified team will provide you with the best products and offer you support, every step of the way!
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