The active care principle

Foot muscle training with every step

What are sensorimotor foot orthotics about?

Your feet are the basis and the key to harmonious movement. If misalignments and overloads occur in the feet, this can be transmitted via the muscle and limb chains to structures far away from the feet, all the way to the back and head.

By stimulating the receptors in the foot muscles and tendons (proprioceptors), our foot orthotics provide active stimuli to counteract misalignment.

The nervous system processes the stimulus information and the body responds by changing muscle tension. Depending on the shape and intensity in the surface profile of the foot orthotic, activating or relaxing stimuli can be initiated. The goal is to bring joint position, posture and movement into balance - for an everyday life free of pain and discomfort.

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The difference

Conventional foot orthotics are based on biomechanical correction by relieving and bedding painful feet. The sensorimotor foot orthotic can do even more, because it also stimulates the sensors of the sole of the foot.
This can stimulate or relax the muscles in move.
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When to recommend

Orthopedic complaints of the lower extremities and gait instabilities as well as overuse of joints are often pre-programmed in childhood due to foot malposition. Since our body is not made up of individual parts isolated from one another, but is connected to one another in a chain-like manner via the joints, a foot malposition almost always has an effect on the joints and muscles above it. Our foot orthotic can help to better balance the muscle chains and relieve the joints.
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