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Tingling feet or discomfort in the knees and back can significantly affect everyday life. The cause of specific pain in the musculoskeletal system can be very different and should therefore always be examined by an orthopedist or other specialist.
Often it is then necessary to put together the optimal therapy for occurring complaints, so that the movement processes run pain-free and naturally again, without becoming a torment. Pain insoles can be a good therapy aid here.

Posture deficits

If something in the foundation is not right, it also affects the rest of the body.
Muscle activities are necessary to restore balance. Thus, with medial/ lateral displacements first reactions occur in the hip area (abductors and adductors), in the foot area the peroneal muscles (in particular the peroneus brevis muscle) are active.
Studies illustrate the functional connections between the joints of the foot, knee, hip, vertebra and jaw.

Gait instabilities

The foot as the foundation of the body does all the work. A person stands or moves on his feet for about 57% of his life. But honestly, do you think about it? You should.
And if possible, before your knee "reports in" and you are troubled by Achilles tendonitis, calf cramps or tingling in your feet. If you have to stand a lot at work, you often feel pain, tension and burning feet at the end of the day. Our body is not made up of individual parts that are isolated from one another, but rather each element is connected to the next like a chain. If the foundation is not right, it affects the muscles and joints above it.

Sports overuse

A lot of injuries in sports occur without any external influence.
This may be due to a lack of movement in everyday life on the one hand, and on the other to the specific demands of your favorite sport. With sensorimotor impulses you can optimize your movements, activate muscles in a targeted manner and relieve tendons. Pain and injuries can thus be prevented. Numerous professional athletes already swear by the use of sensorimotor insoles as training and therapy aids.

Everyday life

The most common complaints:
Heel spur
Gait instabilities
Walking issues
Hallux valgus
Posture problems
Foot misalignments
Joint (upper and lower ankle) instabilities


Chondromalazia patellae
Tensor fasciae latea problems (Runner's Knee)
Jumper's Knee
Plantar fasciitis


Pes planovalgus
Postural deficits
Leg length discrepancies
Ankle instabilities
Functional gait deficits

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