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Partnership benefits

We are looking for strong partners to to establish the active idea on the american market successfully together.
"We are convinced that together one is always stronger. As the German market leader in the active segment of orthopedic foot orthotics and an internationally active company, we have established fruitful partnerships in China, Japan or Canada. We want to pass on this know-how to the American market as well."

Frank Hepper


Who can become a partner?

You should be interested in the active way of foot orthotics!
Generally, you should bring an openness for a long-term and strategic serious partnership between USA and Germany. Therefore, you should have a distribution ability for the product lines as well as an ability to manufacture and distribute customized products.


Springer offers a unique combination of traditional quality, proven reliability in performance, and landmark innovation.
USA offers a wide range of biomechanically supportive foot orthotics
However, there are great opportunities in the active insole segment.
An increasing demand for active foot orthotics can be observed.
Revenue increase
Expansion of product portfolio
Profit from Springer product knowledge, market experience and marketing support


You should be currently active in one or more of the existing markets indicated.

Broad base of contact in the US market
Strong in Sales
Interested in developing market strategies for a German orthopedic company

Marketing support

We offer our partners a marketing package including digital media, prints such as flyers and product brochures in B2B and B2C format.


Education is a big topic with us. We would like to enable you to work with the concept in a target-oriented way and to leave a lasting effect on your patients in webinars that will take place over several years.

We'd love to work with you.

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