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Our foot orthotics help different kind of indications and patients.

Pain patient

  • For correcting foot deformities
    (pes valgus, pes planovalgus, splayfoot, unstable pes cavus)
  • For treating foot pain
    (heel spur, hallux problems, achillodynia, Morton’s neuralgia)
  • For functional symptoms
    to connect the foot to its overlying joint regions
    (gonarthrosis, knee pain, hip pain, coxarthrosis, low back pain)

Sports patient

Enabling to prevent injuries and helps the rehabilitation process e.g.:
  • Ankle instability
  • Foot misalignements e.g.
    Pes valgus or planovalgus
  • Tibialis posterior/anterior syndrom
  • Runner’s Knee
  • Heel spurs, where applicable


Especially in the growth age, the musculoskeletal system can still be influenced significantly positive.
  • Pes planovalgus calcaneus
  • Gait insecurity and abnor- malities
  • Leg axis deficits e.g. X- or O-legs
  • Foot misalignements e.g. Pes valgus or planovalgus

Patients with functional gait instabilities and defitics

Our foot orthotics can be used in particular for functional deficits that cannot always be treated appropriately with supportive and bedding insoles.
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